About Communicarta

Creating a world of travel opportunities since 1988

Communicarta is the world’s leading expert in research, design & consulting on city and country transport maps. Using our distinctive Style45® good design principles, we create maps that actually work.

  • Transport map experts over 20 years
  • Metro and subway map apps
  • Customizable service for publishers
  • New Learn Chinese language app

Communicarta began as an independent cartographic research and design company more than 20 years ago. Latterly, the company has expanded into travel publishing, and first worked with one of our esteemed Chinese partners, The Commercial Press, Beijing, on The Shanghai Metro App for the iPhone and the iPad back in 2009.

This was followed by another collaborative iOS application, Trapeze - Travel with Ease, released in 2011.

How we can work with you

We provide a flexible and friendly service and can work with you in a number of ways

  • Through licensing of our Intellectual Property Rights (IPR's) for the use of our independently researched and designed city transport maps that are proven work
  • Be your design and creative consultant or,
  • We can also colloborate with you, just as we have done proudly and successfully with The Commercial Press, on developing iOS applications for the iPad and iPhones, using our innovative and cutting-edge application development knowledge.
  • Or in other ways that suit you.

Here are just some of the distinct benefits of our service to you:

  • A choice of over 140 city and country transport maps to choose from. You only need to deal with one company with one contract to sign. Job Done!
  • Direct access to the people who understand your needs and always work to your deadlines
  • Expert know-how in the field of transport mapping, ensuring that you always have mapping that not only looks good but that which works time and time again for your readers
  • Consistent design style throughout the range of maps to complement the overall branding of your publications, ensuring that you maintain your competitive edge
  • Innovative and cutting edge iOS application (Apps) development

And it has been our experience during years of field research that many official maps are either inaccurate or have information missing that would otherwise be very useful to the visitor - your client or customer.

You can have your maps stylized in the size, shape, colour or even font that meets your specification, including the addition of building icons, for example, where required.

The mapping can be tailored to match the specific areas of a city that you place more emphasis on and exclude outlying areas that may not be relevant to you or your readers.